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An 8-Week Implementation Program For Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready For Their Business To Take Off.

Because The Flight Path To Destination Dream Business With A Fully Booked Wait-List Is A Much Shorter Journey Than You Think.


A 12-Month Mastermind + Business Coaching Program For Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready To Fast-Track Their 5-Year Plan.

Break the Success Barrier With Access To A High-Achieving Community, Business Direction + Mentorship To Get Your Business Soaring.


Give Me 8 Weeks + I'll Give You Massive Business Altitude.

It's time for you to spread your wings and fly. This Exclusive VIP Day, Done-For-You Personalized Business Map + 2-Month Private Business Coaching Experience is for Women Who Don't Have Time to Waste.

Stuck on which is the best journey for you?
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Oh...and this is why I do what I do...

When I reached out to Terra, I was not clear what I needed, but I knew I needed help. If I wasn't drowning in my client work, I was drowning in the needs to manage my business. After 3 years of running a profitable, growing business I realized that I was running at a pace that was impossible to sustain. I was constantly conflicted and unsure where to put my attention because everything was "HOT".

After I received my Business Map™, I no longer hand to reinvent the wheel. Our processes and procedures were clearly documented. So much time has been saved because the answers to 95% of the questions are in our Business Map (and time is money.)

A Business Map™ is absolutely necessary for your business! Every business will eventually find out that they need one and you'll enjoy owning your business more the sooner you do it!

Amy Boyter

CEO + Chief Creative Officer

My experience with Terra has been nothing short of amazing. Confidence and clarity have been my primary struggle through my entrepreneurial journey; however, through the strategic guidance, accountability, and most importantly, my Business Map™ my struggles have been drastically minimized. 

As a finance major and MBA, I created a beautiful business plan, but when navigating the real world of entrepreneurship, those plans are worthless.  


My Business Map™ is more than a plan; it provides a guide to take your business from where you are to where you see your business in the future. The map is incredibly in-depth and detailed; I am simply amazed. 


I am truly grateful and privileged to be a member of the Concorde. It equivalent to being in a secret society of women superheroes, who go out and slay dragons daily. My only regret is I wasted so much time and money with other coaches and did not find Terra sooner.

Malissa Dunnings

​Founder + Head Coach @