So Many Choices
So Little Time
No need to make sacrifices
For your business to come

I know it can feel overwhelming on how to best work with someone. That's why I want to make it super easy for you. 

I'd recommend cruising the packages below to see which one appeals to you. Don't forget to take action by clicking the colored button below it.)

I don't bite (unless you are a salted caramel macaroon than that's a whole other story). You never have to worry about me "selling" you into anything that doesn't feel like a great fit for both of us. It's totally against my core values. Trust is a HUGE thing for me.

Ready for co-pilot level business strategy

Give me 8 weeks + I'll give you massive business altitude



Step 1 

The VIP Day

You + me together so I can get all the messy good stuff out of your brain and into mine. No judgement. Only forward movement.

Step 2

Your Custom Business Map.

Your part is over. Mine begins. You'll get your how-to guide to run your entire business (with any gaps filled in) presented to you on a silver platter.

Step 3

Consistent Conversations.

For 8 weeks, we will talk every single week so you are

certain you are working on what exactly you need

to move your new business strategy forward.


Give me 8 weeks + I'll give you massive business altitude

It's all about...




The business strategy experience that doesn't cost you time
It gives you a return on your time.


Board The Concorde Mastermind 


Fast-Track Your 5-Year Plan.


​​​The Concorde Coaching Program is a 3-part journey.

Part 1


We meet in the V.I.P Lounge for your private 1:1 on-boarding session with Terra.
You'll also receive exclusive-access to her Business Map Method™ training where she will break down the only business strategies you need.
We solidify your foundation by figuring out exactly who you are, who your clients are, and what your business needs.  
We look at how you make money and how to make sure your pricing reflects what you’re really worth.
We clearly define your marketing and customer experience strategies to make sure you’re only working with the best.
We make sure you have the support you need to do your best work.

Part 2


From all we discover in the V.I.P. lounge, it's time to put together your own Business Map™ - It's a business plan meets how-to strategy guide for all areas of your business. 
All you do is complete the step-by-step and plug-and-play template included. 
Afterwards, Terra will review your Business Map™ and provide you with insights on how to take your business strategies to newheights. 
Your fully customized guide to absolute clarity for every element of your business. All of this adds up to the single most valuable thing you have going forward.
For your business to be as successful as possible you need two things. A plan, and the ability to take consistent action. Withouteither of those things, you are making things much harder for yourself than they need to be. 
Hop on board to increase your impact and cash flow faster than you dreamed.

Part 3


Masterminding with your peers. Business coaching along the way. Accountability meets strategic support. The best resource we have as entrepreneurs is each other.
And, yes...Terra is still available for 1:1 support in this phase when you need it. She is 100% committed to your success and is your coach-on-call.


Board The Concorde And Break

Through Your Business Barriers. 

Your business. All grown up.

 No longer necessary for you to be on call 24/7 because you’ve been able to create space for

yourself and your business to grow.

 You make it look easy. And do it with style. On track even when you take time off.

 Your 5 year plan done in 12 months.

 Your impossible goals. Achieved.

 An 8-Week Implementation Program For Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready For Their Business To Take Off.

Because The Flight Path To Destination Dream Business With A Fully Booked Waitlist Of Clients Is A Much Shorter Journey Than You Think.

Your Business Should Be First Class. 

Stop Settling For Less.

How It Works:

My model of turning your business around is a three-step approach.

1. Teach.

I teach you exactly what you need to know in strategic order. (Using simple step-by-steps that build on each other)

2. Do.

You do the work, implementing your newfound knowledge into your business. (Including done-for-you templates and tools to make it easy on you)

3. Review.

I review your work and give you feedback via custom recorded videos. (Oh get my brain working on your business, too)

 The Flight Path To Destination Dream Business With A Fully Booked

Wait-List Of Clients Is You, A Proven-System + Sales Skills.

 This Is Your Final Boarding Call.

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