Meet Terra Bohlmann

Hello, entrepreneur! I am Terra Bohlmann.

I loooove all things business.  I specialize in business strategy, virtual team building, marketing, business processes and systems.

I eat, sleep and dream about business. The who, what, where, when and how of making something happen is something that comes natural to me. My professional background is in Information Technology (I know….snooze, right?). I excel in making the geeky, techy stuff easy for business owners in a way that doesn’t make anyone feel dumb. Systems and processes are essential to accelerating business for future growth. I am also obsessed with marketing to help drive sales. Combine all of these things and it’s what makes me unique to help you overcome your business challenges. I am here to help you succeed at driving your business forward.

When you combine what you know about your business with a business coach that “gets it”. Poof! That’s when powerful and positive things happen quickly for your business.

I have had the pleasure of working for a top tier business consulting firm to help solve the problems of major corporations. I have also owned and operated my own retail store so I know what it takes to run a small business. My passion comes from helping solve business problems for business owners by using all the techniques and strategies used by the big corporations — but in a way where it is simpler, faster, cost effective and definitely waaaay more fun. I WANT to see you succeed in creating an experience for your customers while maximizing your profit. I feel like I have been put on a path in life that has lead me to where I am right now. I know what I was born to do…which is to help business owners move forward.

Enjoy the blog, connect with me through social media and remember that I am here to be your personal business coach.

My Manifesto

  • I BELIEVE in protecting the white space in your life.
  • I BELIEVE when you are yourself, you attract the right people who want to do business with you.
  • I BELIEVE that when you work with people you love, it doesn’t feel like work at all.
  • I BELIEVE you can be successful when you surround yourself with the right people that help you achieve your goals.
  • I BELIEVE the right processes and systems are the secret sauce to business success.
  • I BELIEVE when you give back, you get back.
  • I BELIEVE in the value of an hour.
  • I BELIEVE in the good of others.
  • I AM a business coach who wants to drive your business forward.


Life’s Ups & Downs

  • First best day of my life…born June 12, 1977
  • Don’t break out of my shy, introverted tendencies
  • Persistent at bugging my mom at work by calling her multiple times a day while she was cutting hair at her barber shop
  • Get my dad, a lead singer of a rock band, invited to play piano for my second grade class for our Christmas party (whoops, my dad plays by ear and can’t read sheet music)
  • Get to push keys on a real computer during “computer class” in fourth grade…a commodore 64 (load “*”, 8, 1)
  • Get my favorite Siamese cat who was the best pet a girl could wish for (RIP Lacey)
  • Nervously present my first “speech” while running for student council in junior high
  • Disappoint my mom when I didn’t try out for cheerleading my senior year of high school because I wanted more time to work in my school’s business co-op program (sorry, mom)
  • Enroll in local community college to get a secretarial degree also known as “secretarial science”
  • Get a college internship at fortune 50 company where I found my true passion for all things business and need I say…the web and all things technology
  • Decide that I don’t want to be a secretary so I change my major to business and computer technology
  • Work full time and go to college full time at the same time (epic life experience where I learned you have to work hard to get what you want in life)
  • Graduate from Bradley University in Peoria, IL in 1999 – right before Y2K (eeek!)
  • Meet the love of my life and now husband, Darin
  • Relocate to Chicago area to start my corporate career journey and destined to move on up that corporate ladder
  • Get preggers with our first son, Grant, and relocate back home to be closer to our families
  • Try to be a stay at home mom for 3 months… couldn’t do it (I secretly envy women who can)
  • Open and operate a retail gift store and art gallery (now what I call my working MBA)
  • Miss my family time during the holidays and decide to go into corporate consulting world
  • Do the trailing spouse thing and relocate to Houston to support my husband’s job promotion
  • Continue to do more web technology stuff and lead virtual teams around the world…all while working from home
  • Realize that getting interrupted while working at home is the same feeling my mom had when I called her at her barbershop all those years when I wanted to “talk”
  • Can’t seem to get pregnant again so go through IVF and become blessed with twin boys, Cooper and Lance
  • Struggle to balance my work-aholic tendencies and my family
  • Desire to share my work at home lessons and everything I learned the hard way with the world
  • 10 year wedding anniversary trip to Italy with hubby that literally changed my life and my view of this amazing world we live in
  • Write my first book “The Boss in Bunny Slippers: A Women’s Guide to Leadership…All While Working from Home
  • Go through obsessive state of learning by taking courses, attending conferences and meeting tons of experts
  • Re-prioritize my life to include appreciating the little things, being more present with my boys and doing what I enjoy doing for work (break-free of the “golden handcuffs”)
  • Build The Working House online and social media communities
  • Second best day of my life…finally figure out what I am born to do…be a business coach that inspires action and results
  • Become the Managing Director of eWomenNetwork in Houston, Texas
  • In 2014, working with awesome entrepreneurs that I love to support

Let’s Stay Connected!

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8524 Highway 6 North #143 | Houston, Texas 77095

Non-Profits I Support

Easter Seals & Kiva.Org (women running a business in the Philippines where my virtual team lives)

Business Organizations I Love

eWomenNetwork & eWomenNetwork, Houston Chapter