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Create and Sell Your Own Signature Offer with Terra Bohlmann" on Spreaker. 

In this podcast episode, Terra is sharing her time-tested strategy for becoming the resident expert in your niche...the Signature Offer. Learn the four critical steps to creating and selling your Signature Offer to your “perfect client”; collecting consistent revenue without working too hard. Terra uses her program, Now Boarding Clients, as an example that you can use to create the Signature Offer that works for you. Take a deep dive with her into pricing, making sure you’re hitting that “sweet spot” to maximize your profits. Whether you’re worn out by customizing offer after offer or just starting out and struggling with what to sell, this episode is for you.

Productivity on Fire with John Lee Dumas" on Spreaker. 

In this week’s podcast episode, guest John Lee Dumas, host of the award-winning podcast “Entrepreneurs on Fire”, shares important nuggets of information about productivity with Terra. If you haven’t been getting the results you want in your business, you can’t miss this talk! John will show you ways to boost your output, increase your discipline and how to focus on the most critical areas of your business in just 100 days. If you’re tired of being busy and ready to be productive, click to play now!

My Professional Bio.

Short Bio:

Terra Bohlmann is a Business Coach and Strategist for Women Entrepreneurs. She created The Business Map Method™, where she helps women create a plan that moves their ideas into action. From Houston, Texas, Terra has a huge passion for traveling and loves coming home to her family including her spoiled dog and cat.

Regular Bio:

Terra Bohlmann is a business strategist and coach who helps female entrepreneurs transform their five-year plans into one-year plans. As the creator of "The Business Map Method™, she has crafted over a hundred custom business models for clients who have gone on to build six and seven-figure businesses. 

Through her speaking, training, coaching, and live events production, she's impacted thousands of female entrepreneurs across the United States and Canada.

Terra has been featured in publications and podcasts including Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Sigrun Show. She's also the host of The Fast-Track Entrepreneur Podcast with Terra Bohlmann.

She lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, three boys, and spoiled rescue dog and cat. Terra's forthcoming book, The Fast-Track Entrepreneur: Create Your First Class Business with Clarity and Confidence, is due out in 2021.

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