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No one is here to judge how you feel right now. This web page is curated just for you. I've compiled a list of all the best (free) resources to serve you in this time of uncertainty. Like so many of you, I wanted to do something that can support our community of women entrepreneurs.  

I understand that everyone is in a different place right now. Everyone is being impacted differently. I personally have days where I'm "all in" and other days where I just work a few hours and then hang out with my family. 

I'm not here to tell you what to do, but simply offer resources that you can use and invite you to do what you need to do right now to take care of you.

Whether that is to create a plan (and learn) so you are prepared for the future to come, step into leadership to guide others through this time, get clarity on your offers, make connections with other like-minded women, or simply consume content (business or on Netflix) one is here to tell you how to manage your emotions, your household, and your business.

Take what you need from this page + my hope is that it serves you with what YOU need right now.

I recorded the video below to help you navigate your business forward.

Free Resources for You.

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CREATE your 5-Year Plan. 

Download the (free) DESTINATION SUCCESS Workbook and map out your 5-year plan.

(No sales funnel, just delivery of this fill-in-the-blank workbook so you can use this time to create your 5-Year Plan to help fast-track your success.)

LEARN how to become the Ultimate Expert from Selena Soo.

(FREE!) Discover your expert topics that will land you major media coverage, and how to know if the media will love your idea, even before you pitch it.

Besides the (free) video training from Selena Soo, you'll get a list of over 200+ Media Outlets and a done-for-you Publicity Calendar for FREE.*

* In full transparency, Selena Soo is my personal mentor. I am a proud partner of her Impacting Millions program. It's my belief that her free content is better than many paid programs. I only promote people and programs that I stand behind 100% and that I know will help you create real results in your business.

LISTEN to 20+ Episodes of The Fast-Track Entrepreneur Podcast.

Scroll through the 20+ new podcast episodes to find what interests you. (Note: this podcast page is new and still a work-in-progress)

I've done solo episodes that teach you strategies to move your business forward as well as interviewed some top experts that will teach you, move you, and inspire you to take action.

JOIN the (free) Fast-Track Club Facebook Group.

Our supportive online community is the best place to connect with other women entrepreneurs just like you.

APPLY for a (FREE) Fast-Track Session with Me.

Want to talk about your business? Need advice on your best next step? I'm here to talk over virtual coffee (or wine). No sales pitch. No non-sense. Only advice to get you where you want to go in your business.

(Hint: if you fill out the DESTINATION SUCCESS workbook ahead of time, we can make even bigger shifts for you.)

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