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Overwhelmed at the thought of hiring a team?

We all get to a point in business when it’s time to stop doing everything ourselves. However, you may be procrastinating at growing your team because…

  • You have doubts whether you could possibly fit any time into your schedule to manage and train a staff.
  • You don’t think that you have a big enough budget to afford the right person.
  • You don’t have a clue about the logistics of hiring someone who is high quality who you can depend on to get the job done.
  • You’re worried you could get scammed out of your hard-earned money and wind up back at square one.

Going from solopreneur to CEO can be terrifying and time consuming.

However, it’s time to take the next big step toward building your team if…

  • You constantly feel on the brink of burnout and wonder how much longer this lifestyle can go on.
  • You wonder when you’ll actually get to enjoy the freedom that originally inspired you to start this business.
  • You feel bogged down by returning routine emails, keeping up with social media, designing your content, and updating your website.
  • You feel that there isn’t any time to enjoy your life and family.
  • You experience frequent frustration about not having enough time to develop your products, services, and client relationships because you’re spending all your time doing tasks you know someone else could handle.


Imagine not having to work 80-hour weeks because you feel as though you have staff you can depend on to nurture your business.


Imagine having someone else helping you to keep your business machine running. What would you do? 


Would you spend time creating new programs? Reaching out and following up with your clients? Networking and building relationships? Or expanding your visibility to include speaking, podcasts, and video?


Imagine if your schedule wasn’t filled with the day-to-day tasks that sap your energy and time. You could spend more time with your family. Or go on that retreat you’ve been wanting to enroll in for ages.


Building your own virtual team can support you in both expanding your business and enjoying your life. And the process can be totally painless, simple, easy, and completed entirely online. Outsourcing to a dependable and resourceful virtual team can leave you with more time to develop your business and focus on what really matters. Outsourcing doesn’t have to be overwhelming.


If you want to be a CEO, then you need to stop focusing on doing it all yourself and hire a team that can support your mission.


FACT: Business owners who see themselves as “The CEO” are more likely to get to $1 million in revenue faster.


Having a dependable team lets you focus your time and energy where it matters most and takes the stress out of running a business!


  • Boost your revenue (and profit!) by making time to work on your business instead of in your business.
  • Stop depending on yourself to be the boss and the employee. When you have a team, it becomes easier to get your own to-do list done faster because you don’t want to let them down.
  • Make space in your life to focus on what matters most: spending time with your family and enjoying your freedom! (Most entrepreneurs are slaves to their businesses).


When I transitioned from being a consultant to running my own business, I recognized that I couldn’t do it all by myself.


terra head downThis mindset was keeping me from maximizing my income. I was spending too much time doing things that were not in my zone of genius. This wound up costing me money rather than making me money.


I was working 12+ hours a day 7 days a week for less pay than I had made as a consultant. Things weren’t adding up. Something had to change. I knew that I needed to build my own team FAST so that I could be more productive in less time.


I had always surrounded myself with the best people for the money in my successful corporate career. So, I duplicated this same outsourcing strategy in my own business to build my very own virtual dream team. When I was finished, I was able to focus on the pieces of my business that lit me up and was able to dramatically increase my profits!


And now… let me show YOU how to free up your time to focus on what really matters to YOU in your business.


THE Direct Flight to Outsourcing is the shortcut to help you hire the right virtual team.


 At the end of this 5-module adventure, you will: 

  • Know exactly which tasks to outsource and what you need to do yourself.
  • Find amazing, but affordable, talent (even if you don’t think you can afford it).
  • Discover the “normal” costs of typical outsourced services.
  • Have a virtual team supporting you in achieving your goals.
  • Minimize the time you spend managing your team so that you’re focused on running a business, not babysitting.

 Here’s The Direct Flight To Outsourcing Itinerary:



Let’s take a look at how each module breaks down:



The first thing is to discover what tasks are best to be outsourced. You’ll love the 7 essentials that you never knew that will save you time and money on outsourcing. And when you’re done, you’ll know how your time is more valuable than the expense of hiring a virtual team!

  • What you can outsource confidently and what to never outsource.
  • The 7 essentials of effective outsourcing so that you don’t spend thousands on the wrong person.
  • How to get over the “No-one-can-do-it-like-me” issue so that you can start to delegate.
  • Discover what you’re wasting too much time on.
  • Things that the most successful entrepreneurs outsource.
  • What you should delegate vs. what you should do yourself.
  • Uncover how your wasted time is more expensive than hiring a virtual team.



MODULE 2 – TIME TO RECRUITmodule 2 t2r

The second thing you need to know is how to save time when outsourcing. You’ll love discovering how your excuses are costing you money and how inexpensive hiring a virtual employee can actually be! And you’ll be thrilled to discover how you can try out an employee before you pay them! 

  • The 5 keys to know when to outsource something so that you stop wasting time.
  • Why the excuse “I can’t afford to outsource” wastes money.
  • How to add a full-time virtual employee for as little as $300 USD a month.
  • The difference and reasoning between using Onshore Team members vs. Offshore.
  • Where to go to find perfect team members (onshore + offshore).
  • How to use the perfected 3-Step formula to try-before-you-buy to ensure you’re getting what you paid for.
  • 33 exciting ways you can find people to make up your dream team.



Module 3The third thing to know is the paperwork involved with hiring a team. I’m so excited to teach you to take the headache out of hiring and paying your employees. And you’re going to be wowed to discover the different tasks that onshore and offshore employees are best for! 

  • How to pay your team without creating a paperwork headache.
  • How to ensure you get everything you’re paying for.
  • The best and simplest ways to communicate and manage your virtual team.
  • Tools that will add dollars to your day and hours to your life.
  • How to manage onshore vs. offshore employees.




In this module, you’ll learn how to foster team growth in order to grow your business. You’ll find out what reasonable expectations are and how to let employees go with grace. And I can’t wait to teach you the pitfalls to avoid when hiring your virtual team!

  • Why giving graciously is like planting seeds and watching your garden grow.
  • What you can reasonably expect to give and get from your team.
  • How to carefully and compassionately downsize your team when necessary.
  • How to limit liability with team members and to protect yourself when you let someone go.
  • Ways to build your virtual team and where to avoid pitfalls.




The fifth module is focused on how to know when to respond to growth in your business. You’ll love the tricks that will help you find the best employees. And you’re going to love learning all about how to remove yourself from the management of your virtual team to create more freedom in your business and life!Module 5

  • Tricks to find great virtual employees as your business grows.
  • When to recognize your business growth and how to respond quickly.
  • How to get your current team members more involved in your company’s growth to make you more revenue.
  • How to remove yourself from the day-to-day management of your virtual team.


Each Module of The Direct Flight to Outsourcing is loaded with:

>> Online Training Videos accessible in your private, online classroom available immediately.
>> Take-Action Worksheets that will help you implement what you’ve learned in each module.
>> MP3 Audio, Transcripts and Slide PDFs so you have training material how you like to learn.
>> A community of like-minded entrepreneurs to help you brainstorm and problem-solve.
>> Motivation from Terra along the way to keep you focused and motivated on hiring the right team for you.


To ensure you have everything you need to hire a fabulous virtual team, I’ve included these FREE bonuses:

BONUS #1: “What is Outsource-Able” Checklist ($50 Value)what is outsource

>> Easy to use, 1 page checklist.

>> Tasks that the most successful business owners give to virtual team members.

>> Make sure you’re outsourcing the right things so that you can feel confident in what you’ve handed over to your virtual team to handle and don’t feel the need to micromanage.

BONUS #2: “Secret Online Resource Guide” ($100 Value)resource guide

> > PDF guide that is packed full of the latest and greatest sources where you find virtual help.

>> All the tools that will help you easily communicate with, hire, pay, and let go of online team members to make managing your team as easy as possible.

BONUS #3: “How to Outsource in the Philippines” ($150 Value)how to outsource in phill

 >> Video training about how to outsource in the Philippines at a greatly reduced cost than other team members.

>> Success secrets to make off-shoring work for your business and help you understand the benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines.



Are you ready to get more TIME back in your business (and life) so that you can take well-deserved-please-don’t-bother-me vacation?


Here’s what you get when you enroll in The Direct Flight to Outsourcing:


The Direct Flight to Outsourcing eCourse

  • Direct Flight to Outsourcing Video eCourse
  • Take-Action Worksheets
  • Private Online Classroom
  • Community + eCoaching from Terra and her team
  • Resources


Enrolling in The Direct Flight to Outsourcing is affordable and easy with a one-time payment of $497.

ENROLL in eCourse

The Direct Flight to Outsourcing is created
women entrepreneurs who are BUSY.

to dos id like to do later (2)

This is the PERFECT program for you if you are a(n)…

  • Industry Expert
  • Online Marketer
  • Coach or Consultant
  • Creative Designer or Website Developer
  • Real Estate Mogul
  • or any Service-Based Business Owner


 You’ll love The Direct Flight to Outsourcing if…

  • You’re tired of being too busy to have lunch with your girlfriends and would like to finally enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  • You’re sick of doing tasks that suck the life out of you and are ready to focus on only the tasks that are in your zone of genius.
  • You know that you’re ready for a team, but you’re scared of the process and need an action plan.
  • The idea that you’re the only person in your business terrifies you. What if something happens to you?


You won’t like The Direct Flight to Outsourcing if…

  • You expect your new team members will be able to read your mind and are not willing to go through a growth period.
  • You’re unwilling to let go of some control in your business (i.e., you want everything done exactly the way you do it down to the last detail).
  • You’re expecting to be able to hire one person who can do everything just like you (a clone) without having to train them.


Right now, you have the chance to free up your time, grow your business, and stop being “busy” all the time.


Not everyone is ready to take the next step to outsource to a virtual team.

Some business owners are held back by the following limiting beliefs:

  • “I need to have everything organized before I can let anyone else see behind-the-scenes of my business.”
  • “I’m not qualified, smart enough, good enough to be the boss of a virtual team.”
  • “I’ll never find anyone who can do this exactly how I do it.”
  • “I don’t know how to hire a team, so I can’t do it.”


If you’re open to the idea that you can grow a team and know that having a team is the key to your success, you’ll love The Direct Flight to Outsourcing.

It’s time to free yourself up to do what you know needs to be done.

ENROLL in eCourse

Meet Terra Bohlmann… Your Outsourcing Expert.

Nav business forward


The Direct Flight to Outsourcing is the fastest and easiest way to learn how to build your own virtual dream team. I have been leading successful virtual teams for over a decade all over the world. Trust me… I have learned lessons the hard way in what to do and what NOT to do to be successful.

“Having a virtual team doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Your team can include one other person or many different people playing different roles to support your business. Regardless, the sooner you build your virtual team, the faster you will see success.”

I‘ve packaged up my knowledge to teach you exactly how to build and manage your own virtual team in The Direct Flight to Outsourcing so you can get the help you need NOW.


I led an Outsourcing Engagement for one of the top consulting companies in the world that was the most profitable in the business. I will teach you the same strategies. Of course, I have a pretty awesome virtual team myself that has helped me achieve success in my own business without breaking the bank. Not to brag (ok maybe a little…), but I can go on vacation with little to NO stress because I’ve put a great team and processes in place. I’ll show you how to do the same.


You may be thinking, “But Terra… I don’t have time to train people.”

im very busy


I know you’re busy. Most successful entrepreneurs are.


But guess what else they are once they hire a virtual team? Less stressed.


Why? Because they have a trusted team of outsourced professionals that work hard to serve their customers with high standards and excellence. If you take time to learn how to properly outsource parts of your business and hire high-quality people, you will spend less time training them than you would doing the tasks yourself.  Trust me, you’ll thank me later. I promise.



I guarantee you’ll be happy with your team.

Trust is everything to me and I want you to be successful in this eCourse.

If you don’t find value in this training, just send an email within 30 days of purchase and I will refund your money — no questions asked.

The bonuses are worth more than the cost of this program alone! You will have plenty of time to go through the entire eCourse before the 30-day money back guarantee is over so there is no risk to you.


Here’s what some of my past clients have to say:

kim testimonial


“My private outsourcing session with Terra helped me gain focus on where I wanted my business to be and how to get there. In the complicated world of outsourcing she helped me find a great match for the tasks I needed accomplished. She continues to be an invaluable resource. Terra is awesome!” – Kimberly M. Addelman, VillageHomeSales.com







“Terra puts her extensive business knowledge & experience, network and resources to work for you to help you take your business to new heights.  Terra’s strategies and expertise kept me in awe, but I was always most amazed by her Texas-sized heart and her strategies for giving-back to the community and the world through business.  Terra is simply phenomenal! If you want to take your business to soaring profits, you absolutely have to work with Terra!” – Shatondra Brown, IconicEmpowerment.com





“Terra is strategic, gifted and resourceful. She assisted me in outsourcing and building my very own Dream Team.  She has an intuitive sense that immediately pointed me to exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommend Terra!”  – Michelle Peavy, MichellePeavy.com.




ENROLL in eCourse


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee results?

I guarantee proven business strategies for the best practices to outsource areas of your business, but I can’t guarantee that you’ll do the work.

I can guarantee that I have faith in your ability to step into your role as CEO of your business and lead your outsourced team to greatness. And I can guarantee that if you do the work through The Direct Flight to Outsourcing that you’ll have the knowledge and motivation to make it happen.

If you don’t love The Direct Flight to Outsourcing, I will give your money back within 30 days of enrolling. There is nothing more important to me than trust and you knowing I am as serious about your business success as you are.     


How much time will the eCourse take me to complete?

You can take a day or as much time as you need to work through each module and implement each piece. It’s up to you.

I wanted to provide you with ALL of the training up front so you can go as fast (or as slow) as you need to go. Each module is about an hour long plus the time it will take you to complete the worksheet.

Do I get direct (1:1) access to you, Terra?

With the purchase of the e-course, you will only have access to me and my team through the Facebook community where we will support the group and help answer questions. However, if you want private access to Terra, consider applying for a First Class Business Intensive.


Is there a Payment Plan?

Unfortunately, not at this time.


Do I need to be a tech wizard to take this eCourse and build my own team?

Not at all! If you can send and respond to email, you are qualified to have your own virtual team. You’ll have access to your private online classroom with your unique login/password to watch videos, download resources and get tech support.

If you feel it is over your head or that you’re falling behind, you’ll have access to my support team to help you on the tech side. While I give you the recommended resources to build your own team, you can choose what you want to use — or not.


How fast can I get started?

I just love your enthusiasm! You get immediate access to the eCourse when you purchase The Direct Flight to Outsourcing.

ENROLL in eCourse