Are you a woman entrepreneur who is tired of trading time for money? 

Are things so bumpy and turbulent in your business that you’re afraid it’ll never be smooth again?

Do you feel trapped in your business, like being stuck in the back of coach on a budget airline, sitting right next to the bathroom?

Did you leave the corporate world, desperate for autonomy, only to be handcuffed to your desk again - with no community to lean on?

Buckle your seat belt because the Fast-Track Accelerator is now boarding.

What is the Fast Track Accelerator?

The Fast Track Accelerator is a 12-month group mentorship program that helps you create a profitable first-class strategy, smooth out the bumpy ride, and finally have more time, energy and freedom. 

Inside the program, you will:

: Finally stop living Paypal to Paypal, and create scalable offers and programs that take less time with more profit. 

: Create a smooth path to success—one without massive dips in profit, a revolving door of team members, or other business catastrophes. 

: Unchain yourself so that you’re working less and experiencing more. Want to travel the world? Great! Want more time with your family? You got it. The Fast Track Accelerator is all about maximizing the time you are working with smart, actionable strategies rather than spinning your wheels. 

: Gain an amazing community of supportive and passionate entrepreneurs just like you who you can lean on for advice, guidance, and cheers throughout your journey.  

About Your Pilot

Hi, I’m Terra and I help women entrepreneurs stop “winging it” and board the fast track to success. 

I’m a former corporate consultant for billion-dollar brands turned coach for smart and passionate women entrepreneurs. To date, I’ve helped hundreds of women create their high-flying dream businesses, and I’d love to help you do the same. 

When I’m not helping entrepreneurs soar, you can find me traveling to random destinations, desperately tracking down Chanel brooches, or sipping Starbucks Mochas (and then trying to give them up… and hitting the drive-thru for jussssst one more…)

How the Fast-Track Accelerator Works

[Terra - here is where you’ll plug in the features - what do they get, specific details on the program, monthly challenges, group calls, accountability.]

Happy Passengers


Fast Track Accelerator takes off… right now.



You run your business.

It shouldn’t be running you.

                 Your Itinerary For Success

> 12 months.
> You and your business.
> An amazing (small) community of high-achieving entrepreneurial women.
> Your business coach and mastermind facilitator, Terra.
> 3 high-impact (in-person) luxurious mastermind weekends to grow and connect.
> Exclusive Business Map Method™ Training Program
>Your customized Business Map™ that leads you to success.

"I went from creative overwhelm to organized while working with Terra Bohlmann. My Business Map™ has helped me run my business with ease, simplicity and clarity. During the Concorde Program, my business has flourished. I earned $40,000 (profit) with just 3 clients and took an entire summer off to spend time with my family in the Philippines. I can't thank Terra enough."

Keli ChevalierFOUNDER,

Malissa Dunnings
Founder + Head Coach,
"My experience with Terra has been nothing short of amazing. Confidence and clarity have been my primary struggle through my entrepreneurial journey; however, through the strategic guidance, accountability, and most importantly, my Business Map™ my struggles have been drastically minimized. 
As a finance major and MBA, I created a beautiful business plan, but when navigating the real world of entrepreneurship, those plans are worthless.  
My Business Map™ is more than a plan; it provides a guide to take your business from where you are to where you see your business in the future. The map is incredibly in-depth and detailed; I am simply amazed.  
I am truly grateful and privileged to be a member of the Concorde. It equivalent to being in a secret society of women superheroes, who go out and slay dragons daily. My only regret is I wasted so much time and money with other coaches and did not find Terra sooner." 
"I was so impressed with my first Concorde Mastermind weekend. 

The amount of thought and organization Terra put in showed, the information shared was extremely valuable, and I am super appreciative for the support and guidance of all the inspirational and generous women entrepreneurs in the group."
Ashley Barber
Founder + Clutter Coach,
What You Get:
The Concorde is a mastermind combined with a 12-month done-with-you business coaching program. You get the  benefit of a community of other high-achieving women + an experienced business coach to guide you along the way.Enter your text here...

* An invitation to 3 x Exclusive Weekend Masterminds. 

This year, they're in Palm Springs, Dallas and New York City. You get to contribute to the group and learn from others. I provide our space and feed you while you are with me but travel expenses are on you.) 

*  Your Own Business Map.

(This is your "how to guide" to run your entire business. I teach you the business strategies and you plug  them into your own business model using my done-for-you template.)

*  2-Months of support and business coaching.

(So you have a trusted partner and high-achieving group of like-minded women to take your business to the heights you dream about.

*  Twice monthly Group Coaching with other Concorders.

(Accountability meets community)

*  Private Coaching.

 (1 private coaching session per month. Just you + me)

*  Email, text and Voxer app support between sessions.

(I am your coach-on-call when you need me.)

*  Access to your Facebook Group.

*  Access to My Exclusive Resources.

(This includes expert contacts, service providers, my training vault, tools and templates.)

Enter your text here...

At the time I decided I needed a coach, I really needed someone who had done this whole "run-your-own-business" thing before. Someone who could tell me what to focus my efforts on and when, how to do it and with what tools, and help me inform me of the stuff I didn’t even know I had to worry about. I wanted to do the RIGHT things in the RIGHT order. I wanted to make smart moves for my young business, and I didn't waste a moment of my time that could be spent making it a success.
There are plenty of horror stories about coaches, so this was an investment I was trepidatious to make. But with Terra, I needn't have been worried. I’m tickled with my choice. If you get a chance to work with Terra, you've got to take it.
I refer to my business map on a daily basis. I always know what my "next best business move" is, and if I'm unclear, Terra is there for me. She's a veritable fountain of knowledge, and no matter what I ask her she has sound advice! With Terra in my corner, I feel more confident than ever before. And as for the other Concorders, in them I've found a community of women who offer accountability, understand me and my struggles, and are new friends… which is worth a lot to someone who spends a lot of time alone with a laptop.
If you need a final word to get you into The Concorde, let me assure you that what I've gained in clarity alone was worth the investment in the program, never mind the actual money I've made (which yes, is much, much better).
"If you need her to kick your butt... she will.
If you need a big warm hug... you'll get it.
If you need someone you trust to just tell you what the heck to do next...Terra knows, and she'll tell you."
Megan Haney
Owner of, Professional Copywriter & Creator of The BRIDGE Approach™

"The Concorde Coaching Program + my Business Map™ made my business the real deal with easy to follow processes and systems to acquire, sell, transact and deliver massive value to my own clients."

Jennifer Perez-Media
Founder of,
Social Media Strategist
From my father and husband, who are also business owners, I have learned that without passion or a plan, you just have a hobby. So I knew that as a creative woman with very limited business experience, I needed more than just a idea and a dream if I wanted to build a profitable business out of my PR + writing career.
I met Terra by chance, or rather by fate, when I was invited to attend her Business Upgrade Experience (Live!) event last year. I did not know what she did when we met but when I left her event, unbeknownst to her, she had answered all the questions I had swarming in my head about making the leap into entrepreneurship.
I had never hired or worked with a coach before but something about her making me feel like I was the only one in the room. But, I think what sealed the deal was what she promised to deliver...a detailed map of my custom business model, 1:1 and group coaching, mastermind trips + a peer-community. (Yes, please!) 
I could not call myself a business owner without the Concorde.
Committing to work with Terra was a big leap for me. The thing is, before starting work with Terra, I was spinning my wheels. I spent months creating business plan after business plan. I'm pretty sure that by the time I joined the Concorde, I was on version 4 of my business model and no closer to making money. I lacked the confidence and decision-making ability to feel sure of my plan - and frankly, to make a solid plan.
Terra & the Concorde did several things for me - but mostly it gave me clarity. Terra got me clearly focused on the bottom line and gave me a scaffolding to build my business model out in a way that will not only help me do what I love, but also make me money. For the first time in months I was able to go to work and focus. I believe this is because the Business Map™ provided specific direction which made it easy for me to know what my next steps were. Now I know what I have to do and have a coach that will lead me along the way.
Furthermore, I now have a community of supportive, positive business women who are willing to help me along the way! I regularly send a call for help out to my fellow “Concorders” and they respond within moments! They share feedback, give ideas and encouragement - it's amazing. The Concorde, Terra & the Business Map™ method have truly given me the courage, direction & clarity I needed to move the needle on my business - it's so awesome.

"After receiving my Business Map ™ I immediately felt a sense of  purpose, increased motivation and well... joy."

Jillian Yawney
Narrative Coach
Board The Concorde And Break Through Your Business Barriers.
Your business. All grown up.
No longer necessary for you to be on call 24/7 because you’ve been able to create space for yourself and your business to grow.
You make it look easy. And do it with style. On track even when you take time off.
Your 5 year plan done in 12 months.
Your impossible goals. Achieved.
Apply For Your Fast-Track Session If You’re Ready To Take Flight.

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